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Abertax Technologies Ltd

Klaus Dieter Merz

Booth Number: 107

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Abhison Engineering LLP

Sayalee Sawant

Booth Number: 116

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Accumalux Group

Peter Broecker

Booth Number: 71

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Accurate Products

Morten Christoffersen

Booth Number: 49

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Alfa Kutu ve Plastik San. Tic Ltd. Sti.

Fulya Hashas

Booth Number: 65 & 67

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Giancarlo Chiapparoli

Booth Number: 64

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Anpei Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Jessica Chiu

Booth Number: 39

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Associated Electrochemicals Pvt. Ltd

Khushal Bhatia

Booth Number: 122 & 123

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B&F Technology Ltd.

Dai Ming

Booth Number: 21

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Ömer Ferdi Yildiz

Booth Number: 47 & 48

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Battery Technology Source Co. Ltd. (BTS)

Briaxis F. Mendes

Booth Number: 46

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Better Group

Chen Shenghe

Booth Number: 29 & 44

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Fiton Sadikaj

Booth Number: 04

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CMWTEC Technologie GmbH

Michael Wipperfuerth

Booth Number: 45

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Dawn Heng

Booth Number: 114 & 115

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EBC Korea Co., Ltd.

Mr. Jhames Lee

Booth Number: 18

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Anthony Sciscioli

Booth Number: 41 & 42

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Eswari Global Metal Industries Pvt Ltd

Prasath Chandrasekaran

Booth Number: 88 & 89

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Diego Almendros

Booth Number: 66

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Gang Lih Industrial Co. Ltd.,

Amanda Hung

Booth Number: 02

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Marco Ulrich

Booth Number: 118

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GME Recycling

Maurizio Mori

Booth Number: 50

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Hammond Group, Inc.

Brad Bisaillon

Booth Number: 25

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Inbatec GmbH

Nick Hennen

Booth Number: 120

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Jayachandran Alloys Pvt. Ltd

Rajani Nair

Booth Number: 53 & 20

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Xing Yanchao

Booth Number: 52

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MAC Engineering & Equipment

Jimmy Stewart

Booth Number: 32

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Manika Plastech Private Limited

Pratik Kapadia

Booth Number: 98 & 99

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Moojin Service Co., Ltd.

David Hwang

Booth Number: 59 & 60

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Melissa Maggioni

Booth Number: 19

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PENOX Group GmbH

Thorsten Peters

Booth Number: 5

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S M Air Tech Pvt Ltd

R. Sivakumar

Booth Number: 58

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Sarv Sanat Toos (SST Co.)

Ali Alagheband

Booth Number: 87

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Shri Sabhari Smelters

Praveen Kumar A

Booth Number: 38

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Sorfin Yoshimura

Scott Fink

Booth Number: 40

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Sovema Group S.p.A.

Susanna Beltrame

Booth Number: 104 & 105

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Sri Ponni Industries

Muthu Vaira

Booth Number: 110

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Dr. Vikas Kapre

Booth Number: 78

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Tahtong Vanguard Corporation

Terry Wang

Booth Number: 93

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TC Machinery

Vincent Huang

Booth Number: 96

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WEGMANN automotive

Julia Dietsch

Booth Number: 111

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Wirtz Manufacturing

David Scott

Booth Number: 67 & 68

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Arsen Osmanov

Booth Number: 65

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