20th Asian Battery
Conference and Exhibition

Tuesday 5 – Friday 8 September 2023
Sokha Siem Reap Resort & Convention Center

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Abertax Technologies Ltd

Representative: Klaus Dieter Merz

Booth Number: 107

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ABERTAX Technologies is an independent enterprise as part of the ABERTAX GROUP of companies. The company started its operations, around 25 years ago with the intention of producing products for the Battery Industry.
Today, we manufacture several innovative patent-protected products within our portfolio
These include the following:
• Gas Release Systems (GRS) for VRLA Batteries;
• Battery Monitoring System (BMS);
• Wireless Battery Monitoring System (e2BMS).
• Capacitive Level Sensors (CLS) for Flooded Batteries;
• Capacitive Level Sensor Lite (CLS Lite)
• Battery Voltage Sensors (BVS)
• Battery Master Controller (AMC)
• Wireless Battery Analyzer (AT-114B)
• Water Inlet Valves (MV) for industrial cleaning machines and for roof tanks / Water Storage.
• Licensing of the successful Gel-filling Circulation Process.

ABERTAX’s policy to rely as little as possible on 3rd party suppliers for services has proved successful over the years. Today ABERTAX has its own state-of-the-art tool-shop equipped with modern CNC machining facilities. This, in conjunction with our R & D department, enables us to design and manufacture our own Moulds for Injection moulding, together with the in-house building of jigs, fixtures for production and automation machinery for the Operations department.
Research and Development is an ongoing process and now our team has matured to consist of engineers and technicians from the fields of electrical, electronics, mechanical, plastics, rubber, chemical engineering and programming.
The company, through its Battery specialists, also provides expertise and advice on the setting-up of Battery manufacturing plants and problem-solving in the battery production process.

Abertax Technologies is a world leader in its field with a classic approach to business: – our professional partnerships with our customers are extremely important to us. The integrity of our products and our design and manufacturing processes have been, and still are, fundamental towards our success.
When Abertax was founded, we pledged to only offer products which were innovative and respond intelligently to the demands of modern industry – yet products that complement and support the environment.

Abertax Technologies Prime Booth Representative:

K.D. Merz biography:

KD Merz graduated in chemical engineering at The Technical College in Duesseldorf in 1980. He worked at the R&D at Sonnenschein Batteries for 7 years before he moved on to Application Engineering.

From 1993 to 1999 he was Marketing and Product Manager for EV and HEV Applications. In 2000 he was then appointed as Director Marketing for Motive Power Products for Exide Technologies till 2007.

In 2008 he worked on his own and dedicated his work on battery technology and battery applications, sustainable energy generation and EV and HEV technology. He consults several battery companies in Europe, Asia and USA on VRLA battery technology.

KD is involved on systems integration of batteries and accessories for complete energy solutions for customers in the material handling industry. He cooperates with several companies on the development of new products, components and solutions for the battery and energy industry.

KD Merz is the Vice-President –Technology at Abertax Technologies and is also a Council Member, where, in parallel, he is also involved in Research & Development work on VRLA Battery improvements.

Abertax Technologies Ltd

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