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Booth – 114 & 115

Daramic is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of battery separators for automotive, industrial and specialty lead-acid applications. As the inventor of polyethylene separator, Daramic has led the way in developing innovative technology for the global lead-acid battery industry for over 90 years:

• Innovation: Our scientists and engineers continue to break new ground in the development of advanced separator technology and are dedicated to innovation to meet ever-changing industry needs

• Local Supply: 8 Manufacturing facilities and 7 Sales offices located in 8 different countries provide local service from a global perspective

• Reliability: State-of-the-art processes deliver consistent, reliable product.

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Booth – 41 & 42


Press Release – ENTEK and Bruckner US Expand Partnership

ENTEK International LLC is a leading world-wide designer and technical leader in the development of battery separator solutions. Our strong R&D team is at the innovative forefront of new separator technologies that answer the market demand from a technical, quality, and commercial standpoint. ENTEK is devoted to serving the lead-acid industry and produce the most reliable battery separators for use in SLI, Start-Stop, golf cart, e-rickshaw, tools, EVs, industrial and cutting-edge technology applications. Our separators are in demand for products that require high energy or high voltage systems such as secondary batteries in portable devices and as primary batteries in critical systems. ENTEK customer centricity is based on its founder’s philosophy – “Be the best supplier to our customers, be the best customer to our suppliers” – to answer the market expectation with reliable and sustainable partnerships. ENTEK is headquartered in Lebanon, Oregon USA, with production in the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Japan and China to meet global demands. Its products are sold through its sales offices and distributors worldwide. For more information, visit www.entek.com.

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Associated Electrochemicals Pvt. Ltd

Booth – 122 & 123


Tuffgard Is A Manufacturer And Supplier Of Pe Battery Separators For Industrial And Specialty Uses, Owned By The Parent Company Associated Electro Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. We Will Also Soon Launch Our Range Of Separators For Automotive Applications As Well. Established In 2011 In The Region Of New Delhi, India, We Have Acquired A Vast Fundamental Knowledge Of Pe Battery Separators Along With A Huge Manufacturing Know-how In Order To Produce State Of The Art Quality Pe Separators At Very Competitive Prices. It Has Beccome A Pioneer In Pe Battery Separators Manufactured In India On A World Class Level In Terms Of Product Quality, Production Technology, R&d And Company Management.
Tuffgard Has Always Been Innovative, Both With Regard To Its Own Organization And To Its Technology, In Order To Give Its Customers, The Best Quality And The Most Financially Viable Products.
All The Company’s Products Are Subjected To Thorough Quality Assurance Tests In Well-equipped Laboratories.

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Jayachandran Alloys Pvt. Ltd

Booth – 53 & 20


Jayachandran (JC) Alloys Private Limited is one of the leading Battery and Lead recyclers in India. JC is located in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. JC currently produces various grades of high quality Lead alloys and Lead oxides. JC is well known for its sound environmental friendly recycling and its care for the environment and safety of the employees.

JC Alloys – A company that believes in evolution coming from an orchestrated investment in men, materials, methods and management, is adapting itself to the changing market scenario. Its progress over two decade has helped the company understand that change is the only constant.

With a production unit spread over 250,000 sq.ft, and equipped with best in class technology JC Alloys produces 60,000 metric tonnes of superior quality Lead alloy every year. Our products are classic examples for turning scrap into market preferred products. By recycling, we ensure conscious use of precious resources and reduced burden on our environment. We aim to expand our lead recycling to 120,000 metric tonne per annum over the next five years.

Product Ranges

  • Pure Lead (MIN.) 99.97 TO 99.985% PURITY
  • Lead ANTIMONY Alloy
  • Lead CALCIUM Alloy
  • Lead TIN Alloy
  • Red LEAD

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Sorfin Yoshimura

Booth 40


The Source of SY Power

The origin of Sorfin Yoshimura began back in the 1970s when Paul Fink and Tom Yoshimura solidified their relationship. Their vast industry experience synergized into a strong business partnership and later a lifetime friendship.

This history perfectly reflects the unique business model that we have at Sorfin Yoshimura. We are a global corporation with two equal and strong partnership headquarters in New York and Tokyo. We offer a full range of products and services for battery manufacturing including equipment, direct and indirect materials, consumables, and technical services.

In recent years second generation leaders, Taro Yoshimura, and Scott Fink have taken over the reins. Bringing their innovative energy and spirit, Sorfin Yoshimura has leveraged this incredible foundation and opened regional offices in critical battery making regions around the world. Our footprint now brings local support and boots on the ground in almost 10 countries, while maintaining the service mindset that has defined our brand since inception. We recognize our service offering will evolve in line with the world around us and Sorfin Yoshimura is more robust than ever to meet the challenges of our industry today, and into the future.

Sorfin Yoshimura is proud to be your global supply chain leader serving the energy storage industry.


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Better Group

Booth – 29 & 44


Better Technology Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as Better Group) is a battery manufacturing solution service provider and full resource operator positioned in the global business development.

Better Group owns BETTER and WELLPACK brands to create professional connection between full resources of lead-acid battery and lithium battery. Better Group is the first to put forward the whole industrial chain operation in lead battery industry, and focuses on providing global customers with R&D design, project planning, complete sets of equipment, installation and commissioning, technology output and training, after-sales support and other general contracting system integration services. In the lithium-ion battery sector, Better Group focuses on the R&D and production of advanced battery energy storage system. The application scope covers fields like portable power station, home energy storage, centralized and distributed energy storage system for industrial and commercial and power stations, PV Storage & EV Charging integrated application solution. 

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Booth – 52


Jinkeli is a leading manufacturer and supplier of battery additives/expanders in China with over 70% domestic market share, and exports to more than 30 countries worldwide. Jinkeli is a member of the ALABC as well as a strategic partner of Borregaard and Cabot Corporation. With the advanced R&D center and the collaborative laboratory with Cabot and Borregaard, Jinkeli is able to provide customers a complete solution of battery additives. Jinkeli’s main products cover Pre-blended Expanders, CuringBon® (4BS seed), Barium Sulfate, Lignin, Carbon Black, Pasting Fiber Flock, Graphite, Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous, Nano-Silica Sol (Gelling material) and Seamless Pasting Belts.

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Booth – 47 & 48


An Expert Edge
A competent supplier of battery manufacturing equipment and automation systems which has been serving for the industry more than seventeen years.

Over hundred international customers already experienced our distinguished commitment to the industry.

We provide precision crafted and versatile machineries with premium service facilities. Seventy people in the company maintain our firm and clear approach on quality in both products and services.

Batek runs ERP to ensure sustainable efficiency in all operations. We are proud to be part of achievements of our partners.

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Amidst the many factors contributing to the climate crisis, the significant role of industrial supply chains can no longer be ignored.
Circulor provides the most complete and mature solution to this pressing global problem by enabling companies to gain visibility into their supply chains to demonstrate responsible sourcing, improve their ESG performance, reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and manage the supply chain risks.

We are a global business with growing teams based in EMEA, NA, and APAC, collaborating with clients worldwide to achieve their ESG ambitions.

Join us in our mission to make the world’s most complex supply chains more transparent to help prevent the exploitation of people and our planet.

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Jain Resource Recycling Private Limited

Booth – 119


Jain Metal Group is India’s the most diversified business house in non-ferrous recycling domain. The group has interests in Lead, Copper, Aluminium and Plastics. The Group has a standing of more than 70 years and has annual sales turnover of more than US$500 million.

The group has five manufacturing plants, engaged in production Refined Lead Ingots, Lead Alloy Ingots, Secondary Copper Products, Copper & Copper Alloy Billets, Aluminium Alloy Ingots, Reprocessed Granules of Polypropylene and Polyvinyl Chloride Plastics.

The group has been growing with a CAGR of more than 30% over the past 10 years. High focus on customer satisfaction, consistency in product quality, investment in high-end technologies and creating value for all stakeholders has ensured rapid and sustainable growth of the group.

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LME – London Metal Exchange

Booth –


The London Metal Exchange is the world centre for the trading of industrial metals – the majority of all non-ferrous metal futures business is transacted on our platforms.

In 2021, 145 million lots were traded at the LME equating to $15.6 trillion and 3.3 billion tonnes notional, with a market open interest (MOI) high of 2.1 million lots.

A member of HKEX Group, the LME brings together participants from the physical industry and the financial community to create a robust and regulated market where there is always a buyer and a seller, where there is always a price and where there is always the opportunity to transfer or take on risk – 24 hours a day.

Investors value the LME as a vibrant futures exchange but also for its close links to industry. The possibility of physical delivery via the world-wide network of LME-approved warehouses makes it the perfect hedging venue for industry and provides a reference price they trust.

The Exchange provides producers and consumers of metal with a physical market of last resort and, most importantly, with the ability to hedge against the risk of rising and falling world metal prices.

It’s what we’ve been doing since 1877.

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Wirtz Manufacturing

Booth – 67 & 68


Wirtz Manufacturing is a global leader in equipment design and technology for the lead acid battery market. Since John Wirtz started in 1932, the company focus has been on high quality products, continuous improvement of existing technologies, and the development of new technologies. Through this philosophy, Wirtz has been able to develop some of the key technologies known and used today, which include gravity casting, continuous cast grid making systems, continuous punching positive grid making system, high speed precision pasting lines, as well as the precision tooling used in each of these technologies. By acquiring Oxmaster, Leko, Conbro and Battery Recycling Systems, Wirtz has been able to expand its portfolio of technology in order to be able to offer its customers the ability to purchase all of their necessary equipment from one company. With manufacturing operations in the United States, China, and India, and sales and service teams within each respective region of the world, you can be sure we can provide the value and service you are looking for and expect in your technology partner.

The Wirtz Group of Companies, which include Wirtz, Leko, Conbro, Oxmaster, and Battery Recycling Systems are wholly and privately owned, and today marks the fourth generation of the Wirtz family managing this unique group of companies.

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Booth – 65


We are one of the most reputable battery equipment and technology suppliers in Europe since 1976. Zesar made significant improvements and developments in the area of battery process technologies, that help successful hand over Turnkey projects to our customers. The results are most efficient, time and cost saving production machines.

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Zibo Xinxu Power & Technology

Booth – 51


Xinxu Group is a modern group company integrated with research, development and production of lead-acid battery and special equipment for batteries. The Group has established Xinxu International Corporation Ltd, Xinxu Power Technology Co.,Ltd. The Group optimizes the opportunity of environmental upgrades in nationwide battery industry by increasing investment in research and development so as to continuously produce green battery equipment with high degree of automation and low emission. A production line for manufacturing tubular batteries is formed, which focus on Acid Recirculation Formation System, Automatic Die-casting Machine, Full-automatic Powder Filling System ,Automatic Paste Filling System and COS for Industrial Battery .Based on the accumulation of battery production knowhow, carry on the strict quality management as ISO9001 system to push the equipment upgrading. Tailor its approach to the customers` requirements, have supplied to most of Major Battery Manufacturers in China and exported to Poland,Turkey,Bulgaria,India,Korea,Thailand and Ecuador,etc, win the full confidence of customer by reliable performance.

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Sri Ponni Industries

Booth – 110


Company profile will be available shortly.

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Booth – 118


Company profile will be available shortly.

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