20th Asian Battery
Conference and Exhibition

Tuesday 5 – Friday 8 September 2023
Sokha Siem Reap Resort & Convention Center

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Representative: Melissa Maggioni

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OM Impianti (OMI) is specialized in design and manufacture of equipment for lead-acid batteries production such as:

  • ACID RECIRCULATION FORMATION: Fast formation for your flooded batteries (8 hours for truck, 10 hours for golf cart, 20 hours for industrial cells), plus many more advantages thanks to the integrated processes, and up to 20% saving on energy consumption.
  • ADVANCED WATER BATH FORMATION: Formation baths with patented water control system, with batteries handling through free rollers, motorized conveyor belts, or with our exclusive TRAY SYSTEM, from fully automatic system to completely manual system. Various capacities depending on your requirements, to adapt to every customer.
  • FILLING PROCESS FOR FLOODED & AGM BATTERIES: Filling stations, levelling stations, recirculation stations, for motorcycle, car and truck batteries, for industrial cells, and for AGM & VRLA batteries. Very high range and flexibility to fulfill any market request
  • FINISHING & DISPATCHING EQUIPMENT: All the required equipment for the finishing of your batteries after the formation, including washing and drying tunnel, poles brushing, HRD and dielectric test stations, secondary cover sealing, and many more.
  • ACID PREPARATION, STORAGE AND RECOVERY: Equipment for the acid preparation from concentrated acid, or for the recovery of any excess acid created during your production. Automatic and flexible systems, with continuous or batch preparation, based on your preference.

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