20th Asian Battery
Conference and Exhibition

Tuesday 5 – Friday 8 September 2023
Sokha Siem Reap Resort & Convention Center

Panel Session – Aspects of Lead-Acid Battery Technology and Performance

The 20ABC allows us the unique opportunity to bring together scientific, technical and industrial experts to discuss relevant topics and issues in advancing the lead-acid battery and its performance. Delegates are encouraged to ask questions to the panel.

Topics given to the panel include the following.

  • What is the direction of lead-acid battery research?
  • Are we at the end of the ‘carbon benefit’ story, or just the beginning?
  • Where do we find the young scientists and technical personell we need?
  • What strategies can we put in place to encourage talent, such as scholarships?
  • Current trends in energy storage and where do we fit in?
  • What are the latest developments in battery production?
  • And the perennial question: ‘What is the future for Lead-Acid batteries?’


Doug Lambert Independent Consultant

Doug Lambert joined Oldham Batteries (Denton, Manchester, UK) in February 1977, and now has over 46 years of experience in the lead-acid battery industry. He has worked for battery manufacturers and battery manufacturing equipment suppliers, and is now an independent specialist lead-acid product design and process technology consultant.

Mr Stuart McKenzie CEO, ArcActive Ltd

Stuart founded ArcActive with Assoc Professor John Abrahamson in 2011. He has been the CEO since this time. Prior to ArcActive, Stuart worked as a General Partner in two Venture Capital companies, and prior to this was a Consulting Engineer. Stuart has a B.Eng and MBA.

Eckhard Karden Technical Expert Battery & Energy Storage Technology, Ford Motor Company

Eckhard works as Technical Expert Battery & Energy Storage Technology in Ford Motor Company, based in Aachen, Germany. He has been involved in technology assessment, battery modeling and monitoring for 12V stop/start and microhybrid applications, as well as validation of 12V batteries for funtional safety. He holds a diploma in physics and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from RWTH  Aachen University. Eckhard is a member of European and International battery standardization working groups, and a part-time consultant to the Consortium of Battery Innovation (CBI).


Dr Francisco Trinidad Independent Advisor, Exide (formerly), Spain

Francisco Trinidad holds a PhD from Madrid University. In 1977, he joined the Tudor group and became the Director of Industrial Development. Following Exide’s acquisition of the company, he was assigned senior management roles in R&D and lately Director of Battery Technology. He is the author of 24 articles, over 75 presentations in battery conferences and 14 international patents. Francisco’s current activities are to promote new technological approaches for automotive and industrial VRLAB  applications, including the use of varied materials for positive and negative plates, and new alternative designs such as bipolar or pure lead-tin plates.

Rob Desborough International Sales Manager, TBS Engineering Ltd

Rob began his journey with TBS in 2007, stepping into the role of a Junior Mechanical Engineer. Over the course of a decade, he honed his expertise in TBS’s renowned Assembly and Plate-Making equipment, becoming a seasoned Mechanical Engineer. In 2017, Rob embraced a new challenge by transitioning to TBS’s commercial team. As the International Sales Manager, he has spent the last six years travelling globally to promote TBS worldwide and, more recently, primarily focusing on growing TBS’s footprint in India and the Asian Pacific region.

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