New methods to extend service life of lead batteries in stationary energy storage and deep cycle applications, and increase their total energy throughput

WaveTech Group is offering an innovative approach for enhancing battery power performance – called Crystal Control Technology (CCT®). It is based on providing a periodic electric signal to the charging batteries. The signal is generated by an electronic device (BEAT®) connected to the battery. The BEAT® is a self-managing microprocessor-based unit which can be powered by the battery or externally. Any charger can be used. CCT® helps increasing the reversibility of the electrochemical charge and discharge reactions what results in extended service life and increased capacity.


CCT was introduced to the battery community in 2019 (Bali), and in 2022 (Lyon, France). Extensive lab and field tests are continuing. New results will be shown here.


Lab testing demonstrated reduced gassing rate and heat evolution, and lower internal resistance. Impedance studies identified reduction in charge transfer and Ohmic resistances. Charge acceptance is increased, especially at low temperature (to -10oC) what reduces the risk of partial state of charge operation. CCT® also helps for equalization when batteries are operating in strings. Keeping neighboring cells/monoblocs in similar condition extends battery life. It also reduces the rate of electrolyte stratification.

A moderate positive effect of CCT® was observed also on cycling of Li-ion (LFP) batteries.

Field test results:

  • Floating: longer backup time, low water loss and heat evolution, beneficial effects on batteries that have even less than 50% remaining capacity. Aged batteries with no irreversible damage tend to increase capacity by CCT®. Batteries recovered back after cycling periods when they lose capacity for a while,
  • Deep cycling: increased number of cycles completed before the capacity drops down to certain value, increased total energy throughput,
  • High power operation: increased number of fully supported events,
  • Automotive: longer calendar life, better cold cranking,
  • Formation: faster formation and increased capacity,
  • Recovery: reversible capacity loss can be completely restored for long-time further use. Battery replacement time can be extended what offers savings on batteries.

Related CCT products

  • CCT® combined with monitoring, smart battery management and re-charge profiles, offers a simple, inexpensive, and efficient method to extend battery life and reduce battery costs by fully automated on-line procedures,
  • CCT® is used as a base for a new battery assessment and recovery system (BARS®). Fully automated 12 V multi-battery recovery systems in the capacity range 5 to 250 Ah are offered. The assessment and recovery procedure takes between 4 and 24 hours,
  • A new SOC indicator VESO® was created by WaveTech. Its operation is based on electrochemical science and is self-managed by a built-in microprocessor. Work algorithms and measurement results are stored encrypted in the cloud. A precise SOC reading takes less than two minutes. The device can be used alone for quality control purposes or be incorporated in the control unit of the BARS®.


WaveTech Group offers an innovative approach to charging and monitoring of lead batteries, enabling substantial life extension (twice or more) at affordable costs. CCT® electronics coupled to the batteries helps them operate better solely or along with any other design or charge profile enhancements.


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