Innovation of Separation Technology to Meet the Need of Future Lead–Acid Batteries

The rapid  growth of the  lithium-ion battery has placed pressure on the traditional lead–acid battery to improve its performance. In understanding this challenge, it will be necessary to analyse the current issues with the  lead–acid system, including those originating from the separator. This may lead to providing a packaged solution from advanced separator technology. Based on design innovation, structure improvement, process progress and quality consistency of separators, this presentation from Huakang  lists its actions and contributions to the separator industry in stepping up to the challenge. Furthermore,  attention will be paid to targeting research, testing, manufacturing, and application of separation technology to provide a forward-looking technical innovation plan and strategy. Huakang is promoting progress for a new generation of lead–acid batteries with support from its R&D team and following the CBI innovation roadmap. This work will ensure that the lead–acid battery will develop continuously in the face of competition from any new battery system.


Prof. Ming Zhang Consultant, Huakang Eco-materials Co., Ltd, China

Ming Zhang graduated in electrochemistry at Shandong University 1983. He joined Torch Energy  and developed  the MSE VRLA battery in 1995, and the DIN PzS, OPzS battery in 1998. Ming moved to Daramic in 2006 to undertake technical  improvement of separators. There followed work in TMT in China, and Microporous LLC in USA. Ming is now involved as a consultant for Huakang, an  AGM separator manufacturer in Shanxi province.

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