20th Asian Battery
Conference and Exhibition

Tuesday 5 – Friday 8 September 2023
Sokha Siem Reap Resort & Convention Center

Proposal for the Manufacture of a Lead‒acid Auxiliary Battery

This presentation gives an in-depth description of a comprehensive lead‒acid battery  assembly line and how it is strategically designed to leverage digitisation and achieve intelligent manufacturing that is both stable and dependable. By integrating cutting-edge technology and automated processes, the assembly line significantly reduces manual labour requirements, with only five personnel required to operate the entire line effectively. This streamlined approach optimises workforce utilisation and minimises operational costs, energy consumption, and output of lead oxide. A study is given of the future of automation and equipment, focusing on cost savings and lower energy consumption while improving human productivity safely and positively.


Chen Yingming President, CEMT, China

Chen Yingming  is the Founder and President of CEMT that specializes in  machinery for lead‒acid battery manufacture. He also is the Chairman and President at Chuangwen Jiangsu Xiante Intelligent Equipment Co. For many years, Chen has led Jiangsu Xiante to apply the latest automation to the battery and industrial industries. He has received many honorary titles such as Special Contribution, Outstanding Entrepreneur, and Outstanding Contribution Award in China’s lead‒a battery industry.

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