Contemporary Applications for MOLECULAR REBAR® Products

The lead-acid battery industry is changing, and Black Diamond Structures intends to support the transition from a heavily automotive-focused industry to a more general energy storage market. In our presentation, we will share new data from manufacturers deploying MOLECULAR REBAR® detangled carbon nanotube products in application spaces that are predicted to grow strongly in the next 5-10 years.

With a combination of field trial data, laboratory-based research on full-scale batteries, and active material structural analysis we will showcase a number of new and updated customer testimonials which exemplify the power of MOLECULAR REBAR® products in e-Rickshaw, e-Bike, Solar, Traction, and Auxiliary battery systems. In these applications, critical to the future of the lead–acid battery industry, globally, MOLECULAR REBAR® products show enhanced charge recovery, more efficient energy usage and consumption, improved duty cycles in real-world test scenarios, at an excellent cost/value proposition. Specific, quantifiable details will be shared during our presentation.

Black Diamond Structures continues to innovate in the field of lead–acid and lithium-ion batteries to help battery manufacturers design the next generation of future products. We continue to explore other chemistries and nanomaterial sources to ensure that our products still are industry-leading, while constantly growing our Patent Portfolio to defend against lower tier products and protect our customers from knock-off products.


Dr Paul Everill Chief Technology Officer, Black Diamond Structures, USA

Paul Everill leads, as the Chief Technology Officer, the development of Black Diamond Structures’ proprietary MOLECULAR REBAR® nanotechnology solutions for lead-acid and lithium-ion chemistries. He has spent a decade driving the material and application development of multiple carbon nanotube-based additives for the energy storage market. In addition, he routinely represents Black Diamond Structures at global summits, regulatory meetings, and customer visits while ensuring that the external need matches internal development.

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