20th Asian Battery
Conference and Exhibition

Tuesday 5 – Friday 8 September 2023
Sokha Siem Reap Resort & Convention Center

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Zhejiang Hongda Special Rubber Products CO.,LTD.

Representative: Yan Shu

Booth Number: 07

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Zhejiang Hongda Special Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in the production of safety valves, rubber caps, explosion-proof discs, rubber seals and polymer microporous products used in lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and supercapacitors. We master the core technologies in the industry and always maintain innovation. As a director unit of the battery industry, Hongda participated in the formulation of the industry standard “Valve-regulated lead-acid battery safety valve”; took the lead in drafting and formulating the industry standard “Lead-acid battery exhaust and air filter device technical specifications”, the Zhejiang manufacturing group standard “Valve-regulated lead-acid battery overall safety valve”, and the national standard “Rubber seals used in power lithium battery”.

Zhejiang Hongda Special Rubber Products CO.,LTD.

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