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Shanxi Huakang Green Construction Materials Co., Ltd.

Representative: Ming Zhang

Booth Number: 109

Shanxi Huakang Green Construction Materials Co., Ltd. is belong to Shanxi Sunlight Coking Group and stablished in 2015 with area 65.000 sqm located in Hejin, Shanxi province, China.

The main products in Huakang are glass fiber, AGM separator with capacity of 28,000 ton per year.

Huakang has R&D center in 2019 focused on new product development, product testing, and technical innovation of glass fiber product for different application. Huakang certificated with ISO 9001/IOS 14001/OHSMS 18001. In 2020, Huakang implemented with Dupon safety management and updating project.

With group support on energy supplying, Huakang will service lead-acid battery industry as reliable partner, innovational cooperator, and stable separator creator. If you want to be a battery manufacturer of next generation, Huakang will stand with you.



华康在2019年设立了研发中心,专注于玻璃纤维产品的新产品开发、产品测试和技术创新,以满足不同的应用。华康通过了ISO 9001/IOS 14001/OHSMS 18001认证。2020年,华康实施了与杜邦公司的安全管理和更新项目。


Products 产品

Glass ball: with 3D manufacturing process of leveling on temperature, Huakang produces glass ball under automatic delivery and feeding, reduced energy consumption and labor working condition, high efficiency and productivity.

Glass fiber: Huakang produces glass fiber as a main source of raw material for AGM separator due to high capacity, quality with stable supplying for separator company. Long term cooperation with separator producer, recognized by most AGM separator manufacturers in Asia.

AGM separator: based on high quality glass fiber, Huakang AGM separator perform excellent tensile strength due to continuous process from glass ball to AGM separator without fiber damage compare with traditional AGM separator process. By special formulation of glass fibers, mixing artificial fiber, Huakang AGM separator have four type products to meet variety of lead-acid battery applications, especially under PSoC condition, high DCA performance etc.






Shanxi Huakang Green Construction Materials Co., Ltd.

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