Mr Boris Monahov

Chief Scientific Officer
WaveTech GmbH

Boris Monahov has 39 years of service to the lead battery industry and of experience in lead-acid batteries. For 25 years he was involved in R&D with Prof. Pavlov at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,  for 6  years – battery development and production with Firefly Energy Inc. in Illinois, USA, for 9 years he was Program manager of the Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium, USA (ALABC, now CBI). The global R&D program of ALABC was focused on enhancing battery performance through research and development and to making sure  by demonstrations lead batteries will continue being the product of choice in automotive and energy storage applications.

At the end of 2018 Boris retired, since 2019 he is a battery consultant. He is member of the Technical Committee of Tydrolyte, USA. Recently he joined WaveTech GmbH as Chief Scientific Officer.

Boris holds a master’s Degree in Solid State Physics from the University of Sofia, Bulgaria, a PhD degree in electrochemistry and habilitation as Associate Professor with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He has over 70 articles and 3 patents.