Optimization of Paste Formulation for Lead‒Acid Batteries Used for Parking Air-Conditioners in Heavy Duty Trucks

In recent years, a new design of the lead‒acid battery has been introduced  or parking air-conditioners.  The battery offers power for AC service, electric blankets, and other devices on the vehicle. Unlike traditional SLI batteries, they operate  under partial state-of-charge (PSoC) conditions and a high deep-discharge  cycle performance is required.  At present, the products on the China market suffer  a rapid drop in capacity and a short life.   To meet customer’s needs, research conducted by  Jinkeli  has led to optimization of the formulation of both the positive and negative pastes for the parking AC batteries. This development has improved battery charge acceptance and significantly increases cycle-life under low voltage charge and discharge.


Mr Pengfei Cui Product Manager, Jinkeli, China

Pengfei Cui  commenced his career as a research engineer in the lead-battery industry when he joined Fengfan Co., Ltd. as a research engineer in 2005.   After  appointments  with Tianneng and Narada, mainly in product development and technical support,  Pengfei moved to  Jinkeli to conduct  research on battery additives.  This work involved several new product development  projects with  EFBs,  AGM start‒stop batteries and parking air-conditioner batteries.