One-on-One Chat – ‘The life and times of a lead analyst’

Join our exclusive chat with two eminent lead market forecasters – Neil Hawkes, CRU, and Farid Ahmed, Wood Mackenzie.


Mr Doug Lambert Vice President of Sales and Technology, Wirtz Manufacturing Company, Inc., USA

Joined Oldham Batteries (Denton, Manchester, UK) in February 1977, and now with over 44 years of experience in the lead-acid battery industry; working for battery manufacturers, battery manufacturing equipment suppliers, and 12 years as a specialist lead-acid product and process consultant, is currently;

Vice President of Sales and Technology, for WIRTZ Manufacturing Company Inc., Port Huron, Michigan, USA (having re-joined WIRTZ in August 2011 as Technology Manager, and accepting the VP role in October 2012).

Mr Neil Hawkes Principal Analyst, Base Metals, CRU, United Kingdom

Neil has been responsible for CRU’s lead market analysis for over 30 years.  As a recognised authority on lead, he is a regular speaker at conferences and has also undertaken research in more specific lead industry topics from time to time.

Mr Farid Ahmed Principal Analyst Lead Markets, Wood Mackenzie Ltd, UK

Farid Ahmed has spent his entire career in the metals industry. After a period in production and technical roles, he transitioned into the commercial world of lead where he combined his specialist background with the wider business needs of a technical and commodity-based product.  In 2005, he founded a business consultancy focusing on the metals industry and on lead in particular. Farid joined Wood Mackenzie in 2105 as Principal Analyst Lead Markets.