Observation and Forecast for Lead–Acid Battery Applications and Markets in a Pandemic ‎Era

In 2020, the global lead–acid battery market was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in that sales declined.  In the long-term future, the scale of the automotive market may contract due to the increasing popularity of electric vehicles.  On the other hand, the market for power supply and energy storage is expected to continue to grow.  The presentation will discuss the development and prospects of the main application markets of lead–acid batteries.


Mr Lu (Mark) Hsueh-lung Senior Researcher/Secretary-General, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)/Taiwan Battery Association, Taiwan

Mark Lu is responsible for research on battery-related industries in Taiwan — from materials, cells, packs, and related applications.  He also looks after the official government statistics of Taiwan’s battery industries, as well as participating in consultations with both the Taiwan government and companies worldwide. From 2010, Mark has served as Secretary-General of the Taiwan Battery Association.