China’s lead-acid battery industry

The presentation briefly describes the status of the Chinese market for lead‒acid batteries in 2020, as well as the challenge from lithium batteries.  A detailed analysis of China’s market size and market demand has been undertaken.  The study includes a separate list of both the top manufacturers and the top customers in the different applications such as:  network power, SLI, and motive power.   In addition, there is a focus on the market situation in China from different aspects such as the top manufacturers, annual sales, and exporting status.  Finally, attention is given to the development trend of both the lead‒acid battery and the lithium battery, as well as their respective opportunities in China.


Mr Dong Li Chairman, Leoch International Technology Co., Ltd, China

Dong Li is the founder of Leoch International Technology Co., Ltd (Leoch International).  The Company has established 12 lead‒acid battery factories in China (6) Vietnam (2), Malaysia (2), India (1), Sri Lanka (1),  as well as a lead‒acid battery smelter and a lithium battery factory.  Dong is a Guest Professor of Shanghai University and a Visiting Professor of the Xi’an Engineering University.