Innovation Pathways for Lead–Acid Batteries: The CBI 2019–2022 Technical Program

During the last ten years, a significant increase in lead–acid battery performance has been observed in automotive, stationary, and industrial applications.  New plateaus of service life, reliability, and charge-acceptance have been reached by a renewed focus on innovation in the industry.  The Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) over the last three years has developed a technical programme centred on improving lead–acid battery performance in key markets, mainly 12 V automotive and energy storage system (ESS) applications.  The programme consists of projects across the UK, EU, and USA that are focused on both applied and fundamental science.  This presentation will provide an overview of the CBI technical programme, as well as a summary of the new 2021 roadmap and the market trends influencing CBI research efforts.


Dr Matt Raiford Senior Technical Manager, Consortium for Battery Innovation, USA

Matthew Raiford earned his Ph. D. in Chemistry from University of Texas at Austin in 2014.  Afterwards, he worked at RSR Technologies focused on materials development in active materials for lead–acid batteries.  Matt joined CBI in 2019.  As Senior Technical Manager he oversees the CBI technical program and other projects.  Matt is focused on improving dynamic charge acceptance and energy throughput of lead–acid batteries and is working with national labs, universities, and the  industry.