Highly porous leady oxides for next-generation lead‒acid batteries — scalable, sustainable, and advanced materials for future batteries

Ever Resource has scaled up a hydrometallurgical process for the recycling of lead‒acid battery paste.  The process can reduce the carbon footprint of incumbent recyclers by an average of 85% and also cut waste outputs by more than 90%.  Lead in the battery paste burden is converted into a lead organic salt, from which a range of nanostructured leady oxides are produced.  Optimised conditions have been developed for the production of nanostructured alpha-PbO; beta-PbO; Pb2O3 and Pb3O4.  These materials are typically produced with 10‒20% free-Pb, and the process is tailored to produce consistently the ratios of materials sought by the battery manufacturer.


Dr Athan Fox Chief Executive Officer, Ever Resource Ltd, UK

Athan Fox graduated from the University of Cambridge with a PhD in Chemistry.  He then undertook work in patent law and technology transfer that included a period with Cambridge Enterprise Ltd.  Athan is now the CEO of Ever Resource, a circular economy innovator turning waste into feedstock and producing value-added products. The company is funded by the UK Government and the European Commission to scale up novel technologies for the recycling of lead-acid, lithium-ion and alkaline batteries.