Development of Multi Panel Stamped Grid Plate Technology for Motor Cycle and small UPS Valve-Regulated Lead–Acid Batteries

Two-wheeler (Motor Cycle & Scooter) automotive and small UPS valve-regulated lead-acid batteries are among the fastest growing and competitive markets in the world, especially in India and other Asian countries.  Serving this demanding requirement is a challenge in terms of an environment-friendly manufacturing technology, low battery weight, improved process consistency, product reliability, and scale-up.  To meet current and future customer requirements, Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL) has designed and developed ‘Multi Panel Stamped Grid Plate’ technology for an improved two-wheeler automotive battery.  The technology involves strip making with a cold rolling process to create a fine grain structure (to improve corrosion resistance) followed by innovative high-speed, multi-panel grid stamping and pasting.  Continuous production, minimal scrap, improved process capability and high-speed panel cutting are among the important new features.  The presentation will discuss the key challenges in achieving the successful commercialization of the new technology, for example, the prevention of plate damage during bunching and stacking at high run rates.  ARBL believes that this new development will enhance the capability and sustainability of lead‒acid batteries when compared with competitive battery chemistries.


Mr Senthil Kumar P Deputy General Manager, Technology, Amara Raja Batteries Limited, India

Senthil Kumar. P.  has spent 20 years with Amara Raja Batteries.  He has held various responsibilities in Engineering, Research & Product Testing of industrial and automotive lead‒acid batteries. Currently, he is the Head of Process Engineering and  Deputy General Manager of Technology.