Advanced Tubular Gel Batteries for Residential Energy Storage and Solar Applications

For many years, AGM VRLA batteries were being used widely in South & South-East Asia and Africa for back-up energy storage and domestic solar applications.  Although being a maintenance-free system, the battery technology gave insufficient cycle life to satisfy the needs of its users.  Consequently, Luminous Power Technologies has developed an efficient Tubular Gel VRLA battery of robust reliability by means of (i) a balanced gel recipe, (ii) an optimum plate alloy and separator combination, (iii) a customized process.  The maintenance-free feature provides relief from watering and the gelled electrolyte helps to supply consistent back-up power.  Moreover, the cycle life equals that of  tubular flooded batteries and lower gas release renders it safe for installation inside homes.  Performance data obtained from the battery in both the laboratory and the field have demonstrated maintenance free, safe, and consistent performance during lifetime.  The Tubular Gel VRLA battery technology fine-tuned by Luminous Power Technology for deep-cycle applications will play an important role in future sustainable green energy in emerging economies.


Mr Amlan Kanti Das Senior Vice President (Head of Battery Operations, R&D, Projects & Engineering, EHS), Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd, India

Amlan Kanti Das is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering.  He has 25 years of experience in operations, technology management, and product development.  He has worked for Exide Industries Limited, Tata Steel and Gujarat Guardian.  At present, Amlan is a Member of Executive Management Committee of Luminous Power Technologies Pvt Ltd