MOLECULAR REBAR®: Advanced Pb-Acid Batteries Enabled – Next Generation Solutions for EFB Batteries and Beyond

The rapid adoption of e-Vehicles is challenging the micro/mild-hybrid internal combustion engine (ICE) market through demanding the batteries involved to do more, for less cost. The lead–acid battery industry must embrace these challenges and drive innovation forward and faster to increase charge-acceptance and develop more robust high-temperature durability, all the while balancing cranking performance, capacity, and water loss. Black Diamond Structures, LLC and their partners are enabling battery manufacturers to lead this charge by offering New Solution which complements our unique MOLECULAR REBAR® technology with an expander package specifically designed to maximize the best facets of the technology. New Solution, co-developed with Addenda, took years to develop and delivers industry-leading performance compared with other commercially available negative active-mass packages. New Solution provides; (i) AGM-level performance from an EFB design under the Volkswagen’s challenging Regenerative Ability test, (ii) 85% improvement to micro-cycling durability by eliminating materials utilization non-uniformity and stratification, (iii) heightened cranking performance, (iv) improvements to other key OEM-specified parameters ― while retaining a W4 water-loss rating. New Solution combined with MOLECULAR REBAR® in a custom-developed, synergizing expander package manufactured by Addenda provides advanced battery performance for less than 1–3% of total battery manufacturing costs.


Dr Paul Everill Chief Technology Officer, Black Diamond Structures, LLC, USA

Paul Everill holds a PhD from Tufts University. As the Chief Technology Officer for Black Diamond Structures, LLC, he oversees Lead–Acid and Lithium-ion product development, intellectual property management, and crucial technology partnerships.