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India Lead Zinc Development Association (ILZDA)

Representative: L. Pugazhenthy

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India Lead Zinc Development Association, popularly known as ILZDA in brief, set up in 1962, is a non-profit non-commercial organization registered under Societies Act 1860, dedicated to market development and dissemination of technical information in respect of Lead, Zinc and their downstream applications. ILZDA is a technical body; not a trade body. ILZDA works in close collaboration with International Lead Association (www.ila-lead.org), International Zinc Assn (www.zinc.org), International Lead Zinc Study Group (www.ilzsg.org), as well as similar Lead/Zinc Development Associations, Galvanizing Assns, Battery Forums etc., in other countries.

ILZDA takes active part in the committees of Ministries of Mines, Steel, Environment, Forests & Climate Change, DST, Central Pollution Control Board, Bureau of Indian Standards, FICCI etc., contributing in their policy making & technical discussions. ILZDA was instrumental in the usage of galvanized rebars in Lotus Temple in 1985 & recently the Chandrodaya Mandir, galvanized guard rails/ crash barriers in national highways etc., ILZDA also played a key role in developing Battery (Management & Handling) Rules as well as rules & regulations for green recycling of used lead batteries in the country.

India Lead Zinc Development Association (ILZDA)