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International Lead Association

Representative: Maura McDermott

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The International Lead Association (ILA) is the trusted organisation representing the interests of the global lead industry. Serving businesses of all sizes, across the breadth of mining, smelting, refining and recycling, ILA exists to support companies that have a direct interest in lead and its use.

By providing technical, scientific and communications support to the entire global lead value chain, ILA is taking a leadership role in:

  • Advocating for proportionate and fair regulation and legislation
  • Promoting responsible care to ensure sustainable practices across the industry
  • Developing sustainable markets
  • Educating society about the benefits of lead today and for a sustainable future

ILA is supporting lead markets through R&D, with a focus on the development of lead-based battery technologies through its management role in the Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) as well as working closely with battery manufacturers around the world.

ILA is dedicated to serving the needs of its members, creating and sustaining conditions in which businesses can compete and prosper, with the vision of a sustainable future for lead.

International Lead Association