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O.M. Impianti Srl (OMI)

Representative: Melissa Maggioni

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Raise your performance with OMI Formation & Finishing Equipment! Our solutions for the battery business include:

• Acid Recirculation Formation – fast formation for your flooded batteries, with integrated processes and up to a 20% saving on energy consumption
• Advanced Water Bath Formation – with batteries handling through free rollers, motorized conveyor belts, or with our exclusive ‘tray system’, from fully automatic systems to manual systems
• Filling Process for Flooded and AGM Batteries – filling, levelling or recirculation stations, for car and truck batteries, industrial cells, and AGM & VRLA batteries
• Acid Preparation, Storage and Recovery – automatic and flexible systems, with continuous or batch preparation
• Finishing Equipment.

O.M. Impianti Srl (OMI)