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Inbatec GmbH / Kustan GmbH

Representative: Christian Papmahl

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In the beginning of 2020 INBATEC and KUSTAN have formed a powerful group of companies, both highly skilled and experienced in process and plastic plant engineering. The two companies are well reputated in the lead-acid battery industry and stand for high quality and innovative solutions for many years.

INBATEC is well-known for its formation process with acid circulation technology with more than
450 formation systems in operation worldwide. KUSTAN is well-recognized for its gel mixing process and equipment.

Both companies already cooperated for a couple of years. Together INBATEC and KUSTAN have designed a combined gel preparation and gel circulation process that avoids the dumping of batteries/cells before introducing the gel. This process is already successfully running in a couple of battery manufacturing plants.

Furthermore, INBATEC and KUSTAN offer special processes and equipment like acid dilution systems, AGM batteries formation, waste water treatment, process air cleaning and is covering applications like acid filtration and acid cooling. Moreover, the company group provides customers with storage tanks, piping systems and pump stations for their acid and chemicals management.

Through the cooperation of INBATEC and KUSTAN we are offering to our customers not only a wider range of products, but by our experienced and well-trained teams, improved services in engineering, maintenance and support.

Inbatec GmbH
Phone: +49 2331 396500
E-Mail: info@inbatec.de
Web: www.inbatec.de

Kustan GmbH
Phone: +49 209 940770
E-Mail: info@kustan.de
Web: www.kustan.de

Inbatec GmbH / Kustan GmbH